Stock photos, cowboy photos, ranch photos by Susan Marxer.

Cowboy Photos on Working Ranch by Susan Marxer

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“...The cowboys here are genuine,

The horses tough and fast;

The range both harsh and gentle,

And the open space is vast...”  

From “My Home Montana” by Susan Marxer

Cowboy close up photo on rough sage range. Montana ranch cowboy cutting calf, dust, backlight. Little cowgirl with spurs and big buckskin horse in barn. Montana ranch cowboy and cowdog riding in winter range in snow and wind.

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Montana Working Ranch Cowboy Photos

Stock photo images of working cowboys, cowgirls, big ranch, big country, cattle, quarter horses, and kids. After 30 years I’ve amassed a nice collection of photographic cowboy images documenting life on one of the largest, prettiest, working cattle ranches in the country. Photos show real cowboys on a working western ranch, and environmentally friendly grazing practices which have generated several national level environmental stewardship awards; and, best management practices for handling livestock. If you don’t see the cowboy or ranch photo you need, contact me with specifics. If I don’t have the photo you need, I may be able to get it.

All of Saddlescenes Photography images are rights managed and  most are released, or can be, and are available as stock photos, prints or canvas prints, and gift items. Gallery 4 is a miscellaneous category that includes recent photos as well as some of my personal favorites dating back several years. The older photos have limited licensing availability, and are primarily for prints or gifts. For temporary editorial layout purposes, watermarked images may be downloaded on a one time only complimentary basis.

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April, 2015. Thanks for stopping by. I am still taking photos, but have not updated this site for some time. Below is a one-minute video I recently submitted to a “Real Montana” film contest that is currently in the voting stage. There are also two “Riding the Ruby” videos, pt. 1 and pt. 2, that I put together for a different contest–which I won. They can be found under Galleries. All photos are available. Please contact me using the form provided.